Digital technology is changing the way we live, work, and play more than ever before. New ideas are coming to life literally every single day, and these advancements will only continue to grow. But new ideas are very expensive. 

Initial research, surveys and focus groups, development and beta-testing carry a high price tag. And the ongoing costs of data access to all states and counties, to maintain and upgrade our system, keep up with state voter laws, public policy research, update our algorithms and API's, and service our members is enormous. Not to mention our labor costs which is projected to include over 100 employees in the first 18 months.

So rather than risk security breaches with advertisements or annoy you with dozens of pop-up ads and videos, we chose a Subscription Model,  which is the most common monetization method today.  Each member pays only $11.08 per year and that ensures we have no financial influence from wall street or silicone valley investors, no political money, and no money from large corporations or special interest groups. Our only loyalty is to our Members. 

"Hi Chuck. Being an I.T. guy myself,  I can only imagine the amount of time and investment it took for your system to handle every state in the nation. So I wanted to say thanks for your dedication and determination. I also wanted to say I was surprised to see your very low "limited time" annual subscription rate. I would expect that per month but that's just my two cents worth. Great job!"  H.W.  Georgia Member

Annual Subscription

Important Notice

Poli-Tech Solutions, LLC is a veteran-owned, Florida-based  private company that developed and operates the brand Poli-Tech Solutions and are not affiliated with, authorized, endorsed, sponsored, or promoted by a political party, President Donald Trump, his family, his campaign, his business organization or any of their affiliates.