Conservatives Action Community™

Facebook is destroying our right to choose and express our political views. Once a natural and fun way to share information,  Facebook has become the liberals premier weapon for social political control in which every click and view financially supports Democrats and their campaigns to destroy President Trump.  

People have become so addicted to Facebook they spend an enormous amount of time venting and expressing their political frustrations.  Facebook consistently takes action  against Conservatives by claiming you have “violated their Community Standards” but It wasn’t until 2018 that Facebook finally disclosed their Community Standards to the public.

Facebook employs content monitoring  strategies that single out Conservatives and has also suppressed conservative  views from its “trending topics.” Followers, friends, and Share buttons routinely disappears and they remove Conservative content and routinely punish users with jail time or deletes them from Facebook. Unfortunately, knowing that people are creatures of habit, Facebook believes Conservatives will tolerate their liberal tyranny and anti-Trump actions.

Fortunately, we decided long ago that Facebook will never treat Conservatives fairly so we've been developing our solution for months. While others are building general social networks for everyone, our Conservatives Action Community ℠ will be available exclusively to Subscribed members of our MakingAmericaRight Technology platform. It will include basic posts, likes and shares, group and individual messaging, events, no limits on the number of friends  you can have, you can setup groups,  blogs, share videos, pictures and even music playlists.

We have a special page for those that sell Trump merchandise  so you can showcase your stores, and many other "proprietary' features! There will be no trolls or liberals, no pesky ads, and your SHARE button won't mysteriously disappear. You won't be censured, and when you post or share to your friends, EVERY SINGLE ONE will receive it and not just the top 10-20% that are "active!"

Important Notice

Poli-Tech Solutions, LLC is a veteran-owned, Florida-based  private company that developed and operates the brand Poli-Tech Solutions and are not affiliated with, authorized, endorsed, sponsored, or promoted by a political party, President Donald Trump, his family, his campaign, his business organization or any of their affiliates.