Data and Privacy Policy

Poli-Tech Solutions, LLC  LLC (The Company) would never reveal your identity or personal data to anyone. The Company is bound to strict confidentiality requirements and your individualized records are not shared with anyone, including federal, state or local agencies. The Company would never disclose your individual information to any third party unless we believe that disclosure is necessary to conform to legal requirements or to respond to a subpoena, search warrant, or other legal process. To protect your privacy, the Company would never sell or rent your information to any third party for marketing purposes.

Our Data Policy
The Company collects member submitted information such as name, address, occupation, citizenship status, gender, race and other demographic data. This data makes our statistics valuable as your elected officials will have the ability to analyze, study and understand the demographics of their constituents opinions. The data we collect is basically the same data you are required to provide on a U.S. Census, and most of this data could be easily obtained by purchasing your state voter registration records.

Actually, the RNC and DNC also have databases that have over 900 points of data on every member of the electorate according to Daniel Kreiss, a journalism professor at the University of North Carolina. They obtain marketing data such as credit and grocery card purchases and magazine subscription lists. That information is then bundled with data about party affiliation and voter turnout.

Our data however is only utilized to create statistical reports regarding the political views and opinions of members on particular issues as expressed to their elected officials, but at no time is your personal identity disclosed.

  • the Company will collect, analyze and utilize information regarding your communications in order to help you communicate your views and opinions to various elected officials;

  • aggregate your views, opinions and votes in various statistical reports and graphs with those of other members who have expressed similar, opposing or neutral views;

  • These statistical reports will be made available to elected officials and media outlets to ensure your message is being accurately communicated.

Important Notice

Poli-Tech Solutions, LLC is a veteran-owned, Florida-based  private company that developed and operates the brand Poli-Tech Solutions and are not affiliated with, authorized, endorsed, sponsored, or promoted by a political party, President Donald Trump, his family, his campaign, his business organization or any of their affiliates.