Career Opportunities  2nd Qtr 2020

It is our policy to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin, age, or sex in all personnel actions including recruitment, evaluation, selection, promotion, discipline, compensation, training and termination.

Director of Political Partnerships
Responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive internal and external plan that would establish partnerships with various Conservative individuals and organizations to  increase membership, revenue and profit. This position requires travel and is expected to uphold the mission and values established by the organization.  Performs political market research and analysis, furnishes marketing and public relations advice, and support to all departments within the organization. Evaluates operational issues to stay current with the latest trends in the political industry.  Assists in or produces feasibility studies and develops new political outreach campaigns. Performs public speaking to organizations and committees regarding political issues, public relations, marketing and development. Requirements include a thorough knowledge of politics, and minimum of 3 years experience in Conservative campaigns, political event planning, grassroots organizing, public speaking, and business to business sales. Position will be based in Broward County Florida. 

Social Media and Marketing Manager
The Social Media and Marketing Manager will administer the company’s social media marketing and advertising across all social networks including Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  Administration includes but is not limited to deliberate planning and goal setting, development of brand awareness and online reputation, content management, SEO and generation of inbound traffic, and cultivation of leads and sales. Content management duties include the creation and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content.  Create a regular publishing schedule utilizing Hoot Suite, ZoHo Social, Buffer or Sprout.  Requirements include a thorough knowledge of politics, and minimum of 5 years experience in developing and managing social media campaigns.   

Position will be based in Broward County Florida.

Marketing Assistant
Duties include those described for administrative assistant, but this position also supports the company's marketing department. May assist both full time employees and consulting or freelance staff. Additional duties include assisting with trade show and event planning, creating or updating presentation software files, tracking budgets and expenses, and communicating with external creative service providers.

Can be work-at-home position.

Social Media Specialist
Attract and interact with targeted virtual communities and network users. The goal is to gradually achieve superior customer engagement and intimacy, website traffic and revenue by building and executing social media strategies. Will generate, edit, publish and share daily content (original text, images, video or HTML) and optimize company pages within each platform to increase the visibility of company’s social content.

Position will be based in Broward County Florida.

Online Member Services
Provides LiveChat online or telephone support and service to Conservative members.  Responds to phone calls or on-line chat requests to respond to their needs and concerns. Deliver high-quality customer service, listening to members’ requests and working to find the appropriate solution.  Responsible for providing ongoing education and information to members in regards to the organization’s benefits, policies and procedures. Must be aware of all of the organization’s services and processes to provide accurate information, be patient and friendly, have excellent people skills and enjoy solving problems. Ability to remain positive, composed, and work well under pressure.  Requirements include a thorough knowledge of politics, and minimum of 3 years experience in customer service.   Can be work-at-home position.

Executive Assistant
Performs administrative duties for executive management. Responsibilities may include screening calls, making travel and meeting arrangements, preparing reports and financial data, and customer relations. Requires strong computer and internet research skills. Also calls for flexibility, excellent interpersonal skills, project coordination experience, and the ability to work well with all levels of internal management and staff, as well as outside clients and vendors. Position will be based in Broward County Florida.

Political Researcher
A Political Researcher is responsible for researching and providing useful political information, keeping up to date with government legislation and public policy as well as general political developments, keeping up to date with political sources released by government agencies including press releases and reports, finding out about new sources which may be relevant to the company including press releases from particular interest groups and other organizations, keeping up to date with the media every day, researching past sources of information to see if they may still be relevant or applicable to current cases, performing detailed research on a wide range of subjects. Requirements include a thorough knowledge of politics, and minimum of 5 years experience in political research and journalism.  Can be work-at-home position.

Web Developer
Responsible for designing, coding and modifying our website, from layout to function and according to internal specifications. Strives to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.  Must have a strong understanding of UI, cross-browser compatibility, general web functions and standards. Experience in planning and delivering software  platforms used across multiple products and organizational units. Deep  expertise and hands on experience with Web Applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and API's.  Deep functional knowledge or hands on design experience with Web Services (REST, SOAP, etc ..) is needed to be successful in this position. Strong grasp of security principles and how they apply to member based applications. Requirements include a thorough knowledge of politics, and minimum of 5 years experience in web development.  Position will be based in Broward County Florida.  

Love what we do?
There are several ways to get involved with supporting our mission!

Launching a new political technology company is like launching a candidates  campaign for office, it's a grassroots effort with a lot of volunteers! And we have been fortunate to have an amazing, dedicated and engaged team! The big difference in volunteering with us is that our volunteers get first option on all positions they are qualified for when we start hiring.

So talk to us about helping out with social media, LiveChat support, network administration, email and messenger marketing, presentation appointments, and much more! Send all resumes or employment inquiries to

Our Board Members
Board Members offer assistance and advice to management ranging from marketing and membership, to client services, political input, and improving growth and profitability. Board Members key purpose is to ensure the company is always focused on helping conservatives succeed in legislative affairs. Board Members also ensure prosperity by collectively directing the company's affairs whilst meeting the appropriate interests of its employees and members. In addition to business and financial issues, some Board Members must also deal with challenges and issues relating to public relations, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and corporate ethics. 

Members Advisory Committee
This Committee will offer assistance and advice to management ranging from marketing, to client services, political input, improving technology, to influencing the direction of regulators and legislators. Roles and responsibilities of members of this committee are to develop an understanding of the business, our service model, technology, and market and industry trends Members will provide “wise counsel” on issues raised by members, unbiased insights and ideas from a third point‐of‐view, encourage and support the exploration of new business ideas, act as a resource for executives, and encourage and promote sustainable growth of the company. Committee members will meet periodically with management via conference call to discuss member services, and to assess performance and progress in meeting its goals and standards. This committee will be limited to 50 members.

America’s Advisory Council
Our Advisory Council will consist of leading professional journalists and public policy experts that frequently contribute their comments, views and opinions regarding current and proposed public policy issues, government decisions, and legislation at all levels of government. Members will have expertise in areas such as gun control, national security, government regulations, federal budget, immigration, health care, government waste, the economy, tax reform, heath care, trade agreements, defense spending, military readiness, the Constitution, banking and finance and others. As we post federal, state and local Advisory Initiatives, our members will rely on Council Members for nonpartisan, unbiased private sector views as a balance to information from political and government sources. The Council will meet periodically with management via conference call to assess performance and progress in meeting its goals and standards. The Council will be limited to 3 members in each area are of expertise and with a maximum of 100 members.

Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors will assist the CEO in establishing vision, mission and values. Board Members will set the pace for current operations and future development, and assist the CEO in establishing strategies and structure. Board Members will evaluate present and future opportunities, threats and risks in the external environment, current and future strengths, weaknesses and risks relating to the company and ensure that the company's organizational structure and capabilities are appropriate for implementing the chosen strategies. The number of Directors will be determined at a later date.

Important Notice

Poli-Tech Solutions, LLC is a veteran-owned, Florida-based  private company that developed and operates the brand Poli-Tech Solutions and are not affiliated with, authorized, endorsed, sponsored, or promoted by a political party, President Donald Trump, his family, his campaign, his business organization or any of their affiliates.