The Future of Social Networks and Conservative Engagement

in American Politics is here!

Conservatives Action Community ℠ 

Facebook has now become the liberals most powerful weapon for social political control.  They have destroyed conservative lives, careers, businesses and families and continue to do so.  Conservatives deserve an option so we built the Conservatives Action Community ℠!  Rated 5 Stars by 93% of members, our social network provides the 12 most used features of Facebook, and  both Apple and Android apps are available on the app stores.   

There are over 117,000 polling locations in 3,141 counties with over 1,000,000 poll workers, so this massive human element makes “preventing” voter fraud nearly impossible. So we took a different approach. Our cutting-edge Election Participation Audit ℠ detects “Votes Cast Not Counted” and alerts our Member if their primary or general election ballot is not recorded by the state.  Getting out the vote is only half the solution, making sure they are counted is the other half.

Election Participation Audit ℠ 

Based on the time-proven Initiative and Referendum Process, our state-of-the-art Advisory Initiative Technology ℠  provides an easy and effective method to let your elected officials know your support or opposition to major public policies. Ballot results are validated, measurable, and cannot be changed, influenced or manipulated by politicians. Fake polls will be debunked and the policy-making process will finally be interactive and participatory,  the way our Founders intended.  

Advisory Initiative Technology  ℠ 

Advisory Initiative Technology

Discourse and critical thinking are essential tools when it comes to securing progress in a democratic society. But in the end, unity and engaged participation are what makes it happen.

This is critical time in history for conservative voters!

MakingAmericaRight is the first integrated, and most powerful  Civic Engagement platform ever developed. And this video explains why political technology is necessary, how it solves voters three main frustrations, and the benefits to the Republican Party and to the Trump Campaign.  This video has gotten fantastic reviews, so please take a few minutes and watch. 

"We want to help President Trump in every way possible and this company has developed technology that will make a real difference! Every conservative should join now!"

Lasha Boree -2016 County Chair

Okeechobee County Florida

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Important Notice

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